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Founded in 2008, Briocean is one of the world’s leading independent electronic component distributor, catering to diverse industries. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring that every component we source meets the highest standards. 

Briocean has over 10 years’ experience navigating in global electronics market. Our rich experience and historical data would help customers to keep their supply chain moving.


Global Supply Chain Network

Briocean has various global procurement channels and long-term stable partnership with suppliers. Our strong supply chain network of 4000+ suppliers and 150+ procurement specialists allows us to deliver high-quality electronic components to our clients timely.


Flexible Payment Plan

We offer flexible payment plans with USD/RMB payment options and favorable credit terms to help you kickstart your projects without financial barriers.


Market Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition with our in-house market intelligence. Our team closely monitors market trends to provide valuable insights that helps with your decision making process.


5-Year Warranty

At Briocean, we provide exceptional customer support and a comprehensive warranty on every electronic component we source to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Commitment to Quality Assurance

Briocean implemented a stringent three-tier inspection process that exceed industry standards


International Business Risk Mitigation

Localized expertise and resources to intercept risky suppliers and transactions.