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Nov 2023: High-risk or Counterfeit Parts Report
Nov 2023 Edition:
Briocean Quality Assurance Centre

High-risk or Counterfeit Parts Report


At Briocean Technology, we prioritise providing top-quality electronic components to our clients. We have established two internationally recognised Quality Control Centres in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, spanning 1,000 square meters, and equipped with over 60 sets of inspection equipment and over 50 professional engineers. Aside from being a trusted ERAI member, our quality assurance process aligns with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our management system covers all inspection processes, from warehousing to electrical testing, ensuring compliance with international standards.

Being at the forefront of quality control, Briocean implements a strict policy against counterfeit parts. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures achieve a 100% interception rate, guaranteeing that no counterfeit products infiltrate our clients' supply chain. One of the in-house testing services incorporated into our QC process is as follows:  

Solderability Testing

Tier 1 Inspection Intercepted Parts List

Tier 1 inspection refers to the first verification process of checking the labels and packaging by comparing the shipment labels with the original label in the Briocean label database.

This inspection process is effective and can intercept up to 90% of counterfeit parts. 

Tier 1 lower res.png
Tier 1 Interception Part List
Note: The table above is not the full version of the report

Tier 2 Inspection Intercepted Parts List

Tier 2 inspection refers to visual and marking inspection using the LEICA microscope with a magnification of up to 160x. This helps to inspect the interior and exterior sides of the component on its dimensions, scratches, polishing, breakage, or oxidation on the BGA.
Visual & marking inspection is the most effective in intercepting counterfeit parts. 
Tier 2 Interception Part List

Note: The table above is not the full version of the report

High-risk or Counterfeit Part List by the International Electronic Distributor Community

The international electronic distributor community will regulary collect abnormal part number information from community members around the world. This table shows the summary of abnormal part numbers information in November 2023.

High-risk or counterfeit part list released by the international electronic distributor community

The full November report of Briocean QA Centre, including the origin, date code, and images of the parts cannot be made public due to data classification. If you are interested to download November’s report, please reach out to marketing@briocean.com for the full report.