Stringent Quality Control System

At Briocean Technology, we prioritize providing top-quality electronic components to our clients. We have established two advanced Quality Control Centres in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, spanning 1,000 square meters, and equipped with over 60 sets of inspection equipment and over 50 professional engineers. Our QCS management system covers all inspection processes, from warehousing to electrical testing, ensuring compliance with international standards. Our mission is to never let counterfeit products reach our clients.

Established two quality control centres in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

Each QC centre spans across 1,000 square meters

Equipped with over 60 sets of inspection equipment

A team of over 50 skilled and professional engineers

Star Quality Inspection Framework

Briocean maintains a keen focus on fulfilling client’s requirements by delivering high-quality electronic components.

  • Specialisation
  • Trackable
  • Assurance
  • Reliability


Always be there to understand customers’ needs and provide customised solutions for effective, on-time procurement.


Every aspect of our sourcing process, from supplier assessment and quality control to warehousing and transportation, can be easily tracked for each component that we have acquired.


Our rigorous testing equipments and skilled engineers provide assurance that the electronic components we procure meet the highest standards and meet our target objectives.


Consistency is essential for building trust, which in turn is rooted in reliability. It is crucial for every member of our team to deliver their best consistently as every employee's performance impacts our quality standards.

Smart Quality Inspection Process

Briocean implements a rigorous 4-tier quality inspection process to ensure that all electronic components meet the highest standards of quality. The first tier involves a visual inspection of the components to check for any physical defects or abnormalities. The second tier includes testing the components to ensure that they meet the required specifications and performance standards. The third tier consist of conducting a comprehensive reliability test to ensure that the components can perform under different conditions and environments. Additionally, Briocean offers an optional fourth tier, where Briocean collaborate with a third-party inspection entity to conduct further testing. This multi-tiered approach allows Briocean to provide high-quality electronic components that are reliable and perform optimally in a range of applications.

Testing Services

We understand our customers have unique requirements. As part of our effort to offer better services, we provide continuous training to our employees and upgrade our equipment regularly.

10 Testing Services we offer:

  • X-Ray Non-Destructive Flaw Inspection

    Conduct real-time non-destructive analysis to inspect the hardware within the component to detect lead frame of the chip, wafer size, gold wire binding diagram, ESD’s holes and damage.
  • Static Parameter Test

    Set the relevant parameters according to the datasheet to ensure the actual value of the passive components is within the acceptable error range.
  • Impedance Analysis Test

    To verify that there is no deviation between the Impedance value and specification difference of Impedance devices.
  • ESD Anti-Static Test

    To verify the surface Impedance co-efficiency, grounding resistance, the instantaneous value and peak value of electrostatic potential of objects such as electrostatic protection materials, device packaging and insulating materials.
  • Solderability Testing

    Check if the tinning ability of the chip pin meets the J-STD-002B standard.
  • High Temperature Aging

    Provides standardised and professional baking and vacuum packaging to avoid moisture damage to the chip, control the temperature of the solder reflow to maintain the usability and reliability of the chip.
  • XRF Elemental Measurement and Analysis

    To conduct XRF analysis to ensure the component’s materials are compliant with RoHS regulations.
  • Decapsulation

    Provides decapping service to remove the die completely to check the screen printing, logo information on the wafer, ensuring authenticity of component.
  • SAM Failure Analysis

    Ultrasonic scanning to identify interior materials of electronic component such as delamination, cracks, voids, silicon wafer tilt and foreign contaminants.
  • MCU Programming Test

    Conduct programming testing to ensure components have not been programmed and are in their original factory configuration.


Our attention on quality is backed by third-party certifications and memberships.