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Briocean expands its headquarters to better serve global growth

SHENZHEN, ChinaJan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Briocean Technology, the leading independent electronic component distributor, announces an expansion of its Shenzhen headquarters. Briocean's expanded facilities, which now encompass over 23,000 square feet, are located in Huaqiangbei, the world's largest electronics wholesale market.

In 2022, the Briocean team grew by 70% while sales rose by 300%. As a result of its rapid growth in 2022, Briocean recognized the need for a larger headquarters. This is particularly true given its growing global presence throughout key markets worldwide.

"Briocean supports the core of our business, clients, suppliers, and employees by upholding the values of tenacity, humility, steadfastness, and gratitude." According to Ms. Sharon Ho, CEO of Briocean, the office upgrade demonstrates the company's commitment to providing the best electronic component sourcing solutions.

One of the unique aspects of the new office is its integration of the elegant oriental garden concept combined with the ESG concept into the design, which draws inspiration from the Eight Views of Yanjing and the classic gardens of Suzhou.

In addition to having an oriental aesthetic, the area is set up to encourage deep connections and interactions. An excellent illustration of this is the Virtue Pavilion, which provides clients with a stunning and immersive Chinese garden setting in which to sit and conduct significant meetings. As travel restrictions ease in China, Briocean expects to receive more foreign clients.

Briocean is dedicated to offering supply chain management and global procurement services in any business climate. Expanding our workforce will enable us to provide better localized support and better support for our global business.

Why Briocean?

  • Quality Assurance Commitment: Briocean established two Quality Control Centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to guarantee the quality of all sourced components through external verification, product inspection, and functional testing. These testing procedures adhere to the internationally recognized ISO9001 quality management system.

  • Global Supplier Network: 4000+ suppliers are supported by a team of 150 experienced procurement specialists.

  • Business Risk Mitigation: Local knowledge and resources are available to intercept risky suppliers and business transactions.

  • Flexible Payment Plan: Payment terms extension plans for both USD and RMB currency are available to assist you in getting your projects started upon approval.

For more information, visit our:

Official Website: https://www.briocean.com/
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About Briocean

Briocean was established in 2008 and has more than a decade of experience in the global electronics market. Briocean is one of the world's leading electronic distributors, backed by its extensive historical data and rich experience. It is committed to providing global sourcing and supply chain solutions to electronic manufacturing clients in various industries, and to keeping their supply chain moving. With over 4,000 global suppliers as partners, a rigid supplier management system, and strict quality processes, Briocean is the preferred distributor for high-quality electronic components.

Briocean offers shortage sourcing, small-batch kitting, excess inventory management, and cost-saving services.

For enquiries: sales@briocean.com