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Best Practices for Quality Control Management in Electronic Components Distribution

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Ensuring the highest standards of precision and reliability is paramount to the success of the electronic component distribution process. With the global market size for the Distribution of Electronic Components poised to grow to multi-million figures by 2030, recognising this expansion and prioritising quality control management becomes highly critical. With the rising demand for electronic components, customer satisfaction becomes paramount, and quality management becomes the key to ensuring that products consistently meet or surpass customer expectations. In keeping up with this escalating demand for sustainable and innovative products, Briocean has instituted a set of quality control practices to guarantee favourable distribution processes. In this blog, we will explore the best practices that highlight our unwavering dedication to excellence in the distribution of electronic components.

1. Defining Quality Standards

At Briocean, our commitment to quality begins with a robust foundation – the ISO 9001:2015 certification, a  global standard that establishes the requirements for a strong Quality Management System. It outlines specific processes and activities that organisations must adhere to in order to safely and successfully produce goods or deliver services. This is a testament to the standards we uphold ourselves to. We are also presented with The Outstanding Rising Star Award at the ASPENCORE Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards 2023 and ranked #8 on the Top Asia Pacific Distributor List 2023 by Supply Chain Connect.

2. Our Vetted Suppliers
Part of quality management is ensuring that the products we sourced comes from reliable sources. Briocean employs a comprehensive systems to evaluate both supplier reliability and product quality, laying the foundation for a trustworthy distribution process. Here, we highlight key approaches integral to this meticulous procedure.
  • Supplier Management System (SMS)

Supplier Management System helps us in determining the reliability of our suppliers, as well as assessing the quality of our procurement and delivery processes. Through regular assessments, we utilise a comprehensive and scientific database to track supplier efficiency across crucial areas including delivery, quality, and stability. Our supply classification and grading process filters, integrates, and categorises  qualified suppliers according to the enterprise's nature and scale. Additionally, suppliers are graded based on attributed sales, order quantity, order fulfilment, product quality, and other pertinent factors.
  • Supplier Evaluation System (SES)

The Supplier Evaluation System assesses suppliers across various dimensions, placing them under scrutiny based on multiple criteria – order completion, annual collaborations, responses to adversity, delivery accuracy, and after-sales service. During which, suppliers are given timely feedback and suggestions to foster smooth and effective partnerships.
  • Risk Management System (RMS)

Within this system, suppliers are to pass a risk assessment test that encompasses risk type profiling and corresponding management measures. The severity of nonconformities in the product delivery process serves as the basis for identifying three distinct risk levels, extremely severe, average and severe. 

3. Our Quality Control System
With a stringent supplier management system in place, we look at further providing quality assurance through conducting advanced inspections and ensures compliance in our quality control centres. Briocean has implemented an internationally recognised Quality Control System (QCS) and erected two Quality Assurance Centres—one in Hong Kong and another in Shenzhen—spanning approximately 1,000 square metres. They are equipped with over 60 professional inspection tools and more than 50 inspection engineers.
  • A 4-Tier Quality Inspection Process

Our 4-tier quality inspection process leaves no room for errors. This process begins with a visual inspection, where components are scrutinised for physical defects, followed by a test on whether they  adhere to specifications and performance standards. In the third tier, a thorough reliability test is conducted to validate component performance under diverse conditions. For an additional layer of examination, Briocean also collaborates with third-party inspectors. Through this multi-tiered approach, it allows Briocean to provide high- quality electronic components that are reliable and perform optimally in a range of applications.

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  • Professional Testing Services

As part of our meticulous quality control process, we carry out a spectrum of testing to ensure that the electronic components being distributed are of a certain standard. These tests include X-ray Non-destructive Flaw Inspection, ESD Anti-Static Test, Static Parameter Test, MCU Programming Test, Impedance Analysis Test, High-Temperature Aging, Decapping Inspection, XRF Elemental Measurement and Analysis, SAM Failure Analysis, and Solderability Test.

4. Continuous Knowledge Update for Engineers
Briocean invests in training  for our engineers to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to  better respond to the dynamic needs of the electronic components industry. Our Quality Assurance Centre integrates internal and external training programmes.

To recap, Briocean ensures reliability in its distribution process through many stages. First is to have a robust supplier management system (SMS) and Risk Management System (RMS) that swiftly addresses supplier risks through corrective actions. Next, Briocean has two internationally recognised Quality Control Centers where we implement a 4-tier inspection process and collaborates with third-party inspectors. Through our professional testing services powered by our skillful engineers, Briocean is able to completely eliminate all counterfeit or defective parts and generating monthly reports that detail intercepted high-risk and counterfeit parts.

Briocean has been standing tall as a beacon of uncompromising quality in the electronic component industry since 2008. We continually strive for adherence to stringent quality standards and meticulous quality control approaches to deliver the best to our clients.
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